Eastern Body Therapy, Recipes to Benefit the Spleen
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Recipes for a Sanguine Spleen

In Chinese Medicine, the spleen is the organ responsible for digestion of both food and life experiences. It is responsible for the transformation and transportation of food and fluids, and is thus critical for the production of qi and blood from the food we eat. It is responsible for holding the blood in the vessels, and uplifts the qi to maintain the organs in their correct positions. It controls the muscles and the four limbs, greatly contributing to our overall energy level. The spleen is the home of the intellect, and is responsible for our ability to think and concentrate. The spleen is of the earth element. Its emotion is worry, its color is yellow/orange. Its season is late summer, and its flavor is sweet. The sense organ associated with the spleen is the mouth/lips. Disorders of the spleen can lead to symptoms including fatigue, diarrhea or constipation, hemorrhoids, vericose veins, decreased appetite, bleeding disorders, prolapsed uterus or hernia, weight gain, bloating, cravings for sweets, and fuzzy-headedness.