Eastern Body Therapy, Recipes to Benefit the Kidneys
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Recipes for a Kinky Kidney

In Chinese Medicine, the kidney is the root of life. It is responsible for storing the original qi and jing essence. Jing is the substance which makes up our genetics and shapes our overall health. It is especially important for our reproduction and sexual function. The kidney also produces marrow and controls the strength of the bones. The kidney is associated with will power. Its emotion is fear, its color is black. The flavor associated with the kidney is salty, its season is winter, and its element is water. The sense organ associated with the kidney is the ear. Imbalances of the kidney system may lead to symptoms including low back and/or knee pain, poor vision or hearing, fatigue, difficult or frequent urination, dental problems, asthma, prematurely gray hair, infertility, decreased or increased libido, hot flashes associated with menopause, night sweats, premature ejaculation and impotence.