Acupuncture for Sports Injuries
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Sports Injuries | Why Choose Lisa? | How We Treat Your Injury | Print This Page

Sports Injuries
If you break a bone, tear a ligament, or rupture a muscle, you need an orthopedic surgeon. If you sprain your ankle, strain your pitching arm, pull your finger tendons while climbing, irritate your shin splints running, tweak your IT band cycling, or twist your neck trying to catch that fly-ball, you need an acupuncturist! We are specialists in treating the soft tissue injuries that slow you down, and can help you to get back to your game fast! back to top

Why Choose Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac.?
Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac. is currently a long distance cyclist, training for various cross-state touring events. She also has a regular yoga practice. As an athlete, Lisa is familiar with the demands of a training program, and knows first hand how badly you want to get back to doing what you love. Lisa has also been a competitive swimmer, a rock-climbing enthusiast, a downhill skier, a cross country skier, and an avid backpacker. She is acutely familiar with the types of injuries these sports can bring, as well as the frustration of being off your game. This makes her an ideal practitioner to treat your soft tissue injuries. back to top

Climbing can lead to a variety of bruises, bumps, and strains. Acupuncture can be a safe and effective way to feel better fast!How We Treat your injury
Treatment begins with evaluation of your injury. This may include looking at your range of motion, muscle strength, sensation, and various orthopedic tests. We may send you for an x-ray or MRI if the physical examination suggests it is appropriate. Once we know what is wrong, treatment will include acupuncture or electroacupuncture, manual therapy including facilitated stretching, trigger point release, cross fiber massage, and/or craniosacral therapy. We will help you to develop a safe stretching and strengthening program to do while you heal, or refer you to a physical therapist if more extensive rehabilitation is needed to get you back on your feet. Your progress will be monitored, and we will refer you back to your doctor or to an orthopedic surgeon if you are not progressing as expected. back to top