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What if... | An Ounce of Prevention | Partners in Health | Tune-up Your Qi |

What if…
Prevent illness with acupuncture and Asian medicine, at your San Diego acupuncture clinic!What if you could avoid most colds and flus every winter, even without a flu shot?  What if you recovered up to 50% faster if you did get sick?  What if you were able to know that your body was in the early stages of developing a chronic illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, or thyroid problems, and you were able to reverse the condition BEFORE you needed medication or surgery?

With regular visits to your acupuncturist, this could be YOU.  back to top

An Ounce of Prevention
Regular exercise and eating right are great ways to stay healthy.  Let your San Diego wellness specialists show you how!In America, we go to the doctor mostly when we become sick or injured.  Some of us get physical examinations every few years to keep up on the big stuff – screening for high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and certain cancers. 

Why do we go to the dentist every 6 months whether or not we have a toothache?  Because dentists have done a great job of convincing us that PREVENTION in the form of regular examinations and cleanings can reduce the number and severity of cavities.

We take our cars for oil changes every 3 months. WHY NOT GIVE YOUR BODY THE SAME CARE YOU GIVE YOUR CAR? Visiting your acupuncturist every 3 months for a "tune-up", even if you are not sick, is a great way to prevent illnesses from happening before they occur! back to top

Partners in Health
Let our San Diego acupuncturists be your partners in good health!At Eastern Body Therapy, we are specially trained in preventing illness and managing health. Our treatments include acupuncture, laboratory testing to screen for potential problems, nutrition counseling, therapeutic bodywork, and gentle herbal recommendations to make sure your body and immune system are working at their best.  We are your partners in keeping you feeling your very best.  And, if you do get sick, we can help you to get back on your feet faster than ever.

Did you know  more time is lost from work due to common colds and back pain than any other conditions?  We are experts at optimizing immune system function so you get fewer colds and recover faster.  And, we have helped hundreds of people with back pain to feel better and avoid surgery. back to top

Tune-up Your Qi
The time to start a relationship with your acupuncturist is BEFORE you really need one. Come in for an initial consultation and qi tune-up TODAY!!! back to top