Prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, andropause treatment, San Diego
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Men's Healthcare

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Acupuncture is not JUST for women.  Men have unique healthcare needs too, and Chinese Medicine can be a safe, natural and effective way to help with a variety of men's conditions.

Guy Stuff
Men, like women, have unique healthcare needs. Many conditions specific to men’s health can be successfully managed using Oriental Medicine. We can help you with a variety of health concerns including maintaining prostate health, hair loss, infertility, sexual dysfunction and andropause.

While the female is responsible for about 60% of cases in couples experiencing infertility, approximately 40% find that it is due to poor sperm count, motility or morphology. In recent studies, acupuncture has been shown to be effective in improving sperm count and motility.  There are herbal formulas which can augment the effects of the acupuncture, and some of these can even improve sperm morphology.  Use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs may help you to conceive naturally, and can improve your chances of conceiving with assisted reproductive therapy. 

Decline in sexual function is a common occurrence in aging men.  Chinese medicine may be able to help slow or reverse this process.As men age, their sexual function naturally declines.  For some men, particularly those requiring medication to regulate blood pressure and/or depression, decline of sexual function can become an inability to have an erection, or inability to ejaculate.  While we can’t make you 17 again, a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and moxibustion can go a long way towards improving sensation, desire and function. back to top

To Pee or Not to Pee
Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) are common problems in men over the age of 50. You may have a prostate condition if you experience:

  • frequent urges to urinate, especially at night
  • voiding of smaller amounts of urine than you would expect from the strength of the urge
  • dribbling rather than producing a strong stream
  • discomfort in your perenium

We advise you to see your physician for diagnosis (while most of the time these symptoms indicate a benign condition, a percentage of patients with these symptoms have prostate cancer requiring more aggressive treatment ), then call your San Diego acupuncturist to relieve your symptoms. A combination of Chinese herbs, acupuncture and moxibustion can dramatically decrease urinary frequency, improve the strength of the stream, and let you start sleeping through the night again. back to top

Guys Have Hormones, Too!
Women are not the only people who experience changes in their hormone levels as they age. Men may also experience changes to their thyroid function, decreases in their testosterone levels, and alterations to their insulin function. These changes may produce symptoms long before they lead to positive lab results. If you are feeling as if your energy level is lower than usual, a need for more sleep, fatigue after meals, decreased sex drive, or a general sense of malaise in absence of positive lab findings from your doctor, you may be in the early stages of changes to your endocrine system. A combination of Chinese herbs and other supplements, acupuncture, and dietary changes can slow or reverse this process for many people, restoring balance before pathology occurs. back to top