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Treatment of Emotional Conditions

Where Mind Meets Body | An Overabundance of Joy | Tune-Up for the Brain | Print This Page

Anger is the emotion associated with the wood element and the liver.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are great ways to soothe the liver, making anger and frustration more manageable.

Where Mind Meets Body
Emotional conditions can include anything from unresolved grief to anger management , addiction recovery to depression, anxiety, insomnia. Symptoms can include

  • inability to sleep
  • difficulty concentrating
  • pervasive feelings of sadness or gloominess
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • irritability
  • incessant worrying
  • difficulty making decisions
  • being easily startled
  • nervousness

While Western Medicine treats the mind and body as separate entities, Traditional Chinese Medicine views the mind and body as being intimately interconnected. In this paradigm, five elements influence all that happens in the world. Each element is associated with a pair of organs, a season, a flavor, a body fluid, a body tissue, and an emotion. For there to be health, all of the elements must exist within the body (which includes the mind and the soul), and they must exist in the appropriate balance. At Eastern Body Therapy, we can help you to restore your state of balance, relieving many of these symptoms. back to top

An Overabundance of Joy
Imbalances in the five emotions (joy, anger, worry, sadness and fear) can lead to imbalances in the organs and meridians. Conversely, imbalances in the meridians or organs can cause imbalance in the emotions. Too much of an emotion leads to one set of consequences, too little leads to another. Even too much joy can be problematic (consider mania...). Oriental Medicine treatment of emotional disorders is much the same as it is for conditions of a more physical nature. Treatment begins with a complete evaluation of your history and present complaints including physical examination and review of relevant medical records. Based on all of this information, an Oriental Medicine diagnosis is made and a personalized treatment plan is developed which may incorporate a variety of modalities. back to top

Chinese Medicine offers a safe, natural way to manage mild depression or anxiety.

Tune-up for the Brain
Treatment typically includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Sometimes moxibustion is appropriate as well. Treatment may be every 2-3 days when there is an acute episode, every few months for a "tune-up" when things are going well, or once every week or two when it is in-between. In treating emotional conditions, needling is typically more superficial with more subtle stimulation than in other conditions. Needles are often retained longer — 45 minutes or more — to make sure you reach a state of deep relaxation. Herbal support between treatments is more the norm than the exception for emotional disorders, typically with dosages slightly lower than dosages used for treatment of conditions in a more physical realm.

Many people decide to try Oriental Medicine as a way to decrease their dependence on anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications. Our San Diego acupuncturists are happy to help you with this process, as long as your doctor is in agreement with your intention and is involved in helping you to wean off the medications. If you have not been using medications and are finding emotional issues to be interfering with your life, Oriental Medicine with or without a good therapist may be a great answer for you. back to top