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Hepatitis C Management Program

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Relaxation and stress management are big parts of managing any chronic condition, including Hepatitis C. Let our San Diego acupuncturists show you how!Most patients die with hepatitis C, not from it. While Chinese Medicine will not cure hepatitis C, it can help you to live a happier healthier life with the disease. We can help you manage the symptoms of hepatitis C, slow the progression of liver injury as a result of hepatitis C, and help you to feel better. We can also help you to manage the side effects of treatment should you decide to do Interferon-based therapy through your physician. Our Hepatitis C Management Program is a comprehensive healthcare program which incorporates acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary recommendations, and exercise. We strongly encourage our hepatitis C patients to be co-managed by a physician specializing in the treatment of liver disease, and will be happy to make recommendations if you do not already have a doctor you like.

Goals of Chinese Medicine treatment include:

  1. Improving how you are feeling. Decreasing fatigue, relieving muscle aches, helping digestion, improving your appetite and boosting your overall energy level.

  2. Decreasing inflammation in your liver. Most of the damage to the liver from hepatitis C is a result of Many patients with Hepatitis C are able to feel good and live long productive lives.inflammation. Acupuncture, dietary changes and herbs can help to decrease the amount of inflammation you experience, which decreases your risk of developing cirrhosis and can slow the progression of cirrhosis if you already have it.

  3. Regeneration of liver cells. Elevated liver enzymes are a sign that liver cells are damaged or dying. Reduced levels of certain enzymes and anti-oxidants are common in people with hepatitis C, and dietary changes in conjunction with Chinese herbs can restore these levels to normal, helping your body to regenerate your liver.

  4. Slowing the progression of fibrosis. Fibrosis is the damage to your liver cells resulting from inflammation. Acupuncture can improve blood circulation to your liver. In conjunction with dietary changes, supplements, and Chinese herbs, the rate of fibrosis can be slowed and in some cases stopped. While it is unlikely that treatment will reverse existing fibrotic changes, it can prevent or significantly slow additional damage.

  5. Decreasing risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. The thing many people with hepatitis C fear the most is Treatment of Hepatitis C is a balancing act which must address nutrition, stress management, and exercise in order to minimize inflammation and maximize immune system function. progression of the disease to liver cancer. This happens in a small percentage of patients, but the risk is very real for patients whose liver disease progresses to cirrhosis. By reducing inflammation and slowing the rate of fibrosis, Chinese medicine treatment can significantly reduce your risk of developing liver cancer.

  6. Improved response to Interferon treatment. Only about 50% of patients with hepatitis C are candidates for Interferon-based treatment. While this is currently the only treatment known to reduce viral loads to non-detectable levels and maintain them long term for some patients, it is a powerful medication with significant side effects. Many people who initiate treatment find the side effects intolerable and discontinue treatment before completing the full course. Chinese medicine used in conjunction with Interferon treatment can significantly reduce the side effects, making it easier for you to complete a full course of treatment. We will work hand-in-hand with your doctor if you are planning to do Interferon treatment, and help to make it as painless as possible.