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You may have heard the ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.” So far, 2010 has been a most interesting year. I’m taking a rare block in my newsletter to update you to some of what has been happening in my life and the life of Eastern Body Therapy so far this year…

Lisa and her bike.Spring training went smoothly for my third annual bike tour in the mid-west, but the tour got cancelled for lack of interest. I managed to keep up the motivation, and completed my first century (100 mile) bicycle ride in the beginning of June. This is a milestone I’ve been working towards for three years of riding, and it felt incredible to have finally done it! Long distance riding has taught me a lot about endurance, nutrition, managing boredom and frustration, and the benefits of setting a goal and slowly plugging away until it is met. I haven’t chosen the next training goal yet, but am considering a 200K ride or maybe an Olympic-length triathlon. Stay tuned…

Summer has brought an insane travel schedule. Since the beginning of June I have been to Seattle and Plain, WA; Milwaukee, Madison, and Viroqua, WI; Boston, MA; Danbury, CT; and Sacramento. I’ve been bike riding, rock climbing, learning to make cheese, eating my way across the east coast, catching up with friends while managing to miss family at each stop. I am looking forward to being here in San Diego, consistently in the office for the next few months!

The end of summer is bringing some changes to Eastern Body Therapy. You may have noticed the brand new ceiling vents in the treatment rooms and the cooler air on the warm days this August. Yes, the office has finally gotten air conditioning! There is a new heating system in place as well. I’m looking forward to better temperature control now that this is done.

In addition, my associate, Jessica, moved to NY in the middle of August, leaving some empty space and empty walls in the office. Jessica was my study partner through all of my years of acupuncture school, and we opened our first one- room office together in 1997. Over the years, we grew from one room to two rooms, and finally to the space we’ve been in since 2001. Through these years, Jessica has always expressed a desire to return to her East Coast roots, and the time was finally right for her to make the move. I wish her well on her journey and in her new endeavors.

With Jessica moving on, there is now an abundance of space in the Eastern Body Therapy office which would be perfect for another healing professional. If any of you are healthcare providers who are considering an office move, let’s talk. If you know anyone who is looking for a peaceful, cozy place to start or grow a healthcare practice, please send them my way. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted about new members of the Eastern Body Therapy “family” as they appear!

Some of you know that I joined a Toastmaster’s club in 2009. After 18 months and 10 speeches, I’m finally overcoming my fear of public speaking and am ready to step out into the “real world” beyond the safety of my club. If you belong to an organization which is looking for speakers about healthcare topics, I hope you will think of me!

As we settle into what will (hopefully!) be a quieter and more peaceful fall, plans for the office include a new patient education and resource center. I’m working on brochures about how acupuncture can be helpful for a variety of health conditions which will eventually become part of the waiting room décor. I’m also planning to bring back the resource board where members of the Eastern Body Therapy community (that means you!) can post your business cards and upcoming events. Since, as you all know, I’m a perfectionist, these changes will be rolled out gradually as materials which are up to my standards are created.

I hope you will join me as we live through these interesting times, taking advantage of all these wonderful opportunities for personal and professional growth.